Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stop it School

Currently I am under a very large mound of work for school. I have a ton of work I have to have done before my 6am flight on Friday and a ton of things I should be starting on before my flight as well because one of my teachers found it brilliant to have a test the day we get back from our break and along with that a 7 to 8 page paper on a case study. See normally I'd be all cool with this because I never go anywhere on my breaks except working and the odd Raleigh trip but this time I am actually going to visit my family up north so I have no time to work on things during the break! I don't want to take my laptop with me because I'm to nervous about it getting lost and I'm feeling the same way about my school textbooks. I think I will just end up taking my case study on the plane with a printed copy of what should be in our paper. But gosh, can school just like quit this crap! I swear EVERY week I'm shoved down with tons of busy work and online quizzes that I have no time to do anything! I have to work tomorrow night and I'm really wishing I didn't need a job to pay for my apartment and whatnot. I'm wishing about now I was born rich lol. So I could sit on my ass and not work with school. It's so hard getting assignments done.... Enough bitching about school.

A happy note for the day... I'm really sticking to this whole lose weight you fat ass thing. I'm watching my fat grams and calories. I guess you could say I have no real direction and I'm sort of making up my own diet but hey I already feel tons better. I think I had maybe 20ish fat grams yesterday. And so far maybe 9 today. That is good right? It better be. If we go out to eat I look at the nutritional facts online before I go or look at the nifty book my parents got Aaron. There is only 1.5 grams of fat in a Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich, isn't that cool. I mean I don't look skinny but I'm feeling skinny. I still haven't bothered excersizing because of my lack of time. I'm normally doing homework or at work.

Also my cosplay skit group is doing a great job so far. We are really nailing a lot of things and me and Bish will probably be off to Hickory for a fabric trip next week after my trip up north. :D I cannot wait to go fabric shopping!

The only other interesting thing right now, I took off for Ashley's birthday and her art show. I can't wait to celebrate! (I've been taking off so much time lately lol)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Talking Stain

Best commercial ever.....

And! If you go to the website... and you roll over the links the stains talk!!! OMG! This is the best marketing ever.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm starting to like my blog here more than my LJ. I don't know this blog seems more free to me. I may just start posting here. Blogger has so many cool features, it just doesn't have the feature of having many avatars. Unless it does and I am blind. Don't get me wrong I am still an LJ junkie, I check it like crazy because I like reading my friends posts.

On to the important part of this entry.... I finally figured out how to easily ad in some html crap. See I'm not good with this stuff at all. Well I added an InboxDollars ad. Randi is already joined and she can back me up in saying that it is a nice, easy, and lazy way to make money. It just takes a while but still you make money for nothing. If you use the ad here it will count you as my refferal which = more money for me! :D So I'm justing throwing this out there to say go ahead and try InboxDollars.... click the add and sign up! You read emails and get a few cents for each one, you can take surveys for a $1, you can do promotional things for money, go shopping for money back, and play games for money back. I really only do the emails and every now and then a survey. The great part is that this is not a scam. I got a check for $30 a while back. It took me forever to make it but hey it was real money. The downside of this is it takes them a month to send you your first check but after that it gets quicker.

You know, I've realized how entangled I have gotten into this whole making money from the internet as a regular person. It all started when I was unemployed last year for a month because of the whole LoneStar shut down in Boone. I had to do something. Lol. I'm signed up for millions of survey sites (I've been ignoring them lately because I don't have time), I have my InboxDollars, and I have my ads on this blog. I am employed by the internet. Can I put this on my resume?

I overslept so I missed class. Whatever, there is no attendance so I don't really care. I hate having my period. It makes me crampy, eat bad, and do no sort of moving. This is bad news for my trying to lose weight for Animazement. I've eaten chocolate, chips, wings, fries, you name it in the past two days. Today I'm not feeling the cravings that bad, maybe because the cramps are done. You know what YAZ you do not stop PMS for me, you do not stop cravings, you do not stop bloating or fatigue or cramping, in fact your whole marketing campaign is a huge LIE. Well when it comes to me at least. Oh you also don't provide me with a shorter, lighter period.

I did start practicing my dance again last night, I realized how much I really DO know. I know almost all the chorus, I just have my few slip ups. For the most part the chorus is all good (except the weird chorus at the end where they add in something). I'm working my timing for hitting the gong as well and making sure I know what part to start back in on the dance after the fun gong hitting time. This is exciting! I can't learn some of the dance yet though cause I can't find the right version that has the whole dance. Adryn and them have it but I should be getting up with them soon (at least by Spring Break) to practice.

I think I need a shower badly, and to actually move around so I'll go do that.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey All or Not All

Livejournal is acting up. So for lack of LJ I can post here. Basically I was supposed to have a test in my online marketing class at 6pm. We only meet in person for tests. Okay so right before I was going to leave for the test (and Aaron was coming too because we were going to hit up wing night at Macado's) Aaron is informed via AIM by one of our friends on campus that the whole campus was on lock down. Here is what happened a man with a handgun was spotted near campus. Immediately I think "oh god a school shooting". Luckily it was not like that. The man was trying to break into an apartment near campus so I've heard. Regardless of the circumstances as to why the man had a gun campus locked down to be safe. I was really impressed with how my school reacted to this. They were quick and they played it safe. It was nice to see that my school could react quickly and efficiently towards something like this. I emailed my teacher before the test and she said that if students were already there they could take the test and for the students who were not already there she would reschedule. I don't think anyone was already in the business building unless they had a class before our test though. But they pretty much were not letting anyone in or out of any of the building on campus including dorms. Well enough on that part of my day.

I think I'm going to take my quiz for my stat 2 class and then color some songs. I sang Kanshimi Twilight and Shiawase Beam. :D It was fun! There was one part in Shiawase Beam where I sounded exactly like Kago it was great!! It was just on little two word part but still... I was so excited!

Me, Ashley, and Khaki keep talking about Animazement and we all keep getting more and more excited! I swear we keep talking about it and how great it will be and even about what groceries to buy. I really want to start working on my cosplay. I have to go buy tons of stuff first though. I'll probably start on that after my birthday!

Okay off to take my quiz. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

All I Hear is "Dork Dork Dork, Nerd Nerd Nerd"

Hmmm, it has been snowing on and off for a very long time. The wind keeps blowing it away from my parking lot because I really think we are right in a wind tunnel. It is always windy. Lets see how much snow I wake up to tomorrow! Hopefully enough to cancel classes! Aaron got me Warriors Orochi because we have both been having blah weeks. It is always fun to have games to play together! The game is basically Dynasty Warriors 5 and Samurai Warriors 2 mushed up together by some odd time portal or whatever that black hole was in the beginning opening sequence. Maybe it was a big butthole who knows! You can have a team of three and switch out mid-battle and while a character is switched out they heal. It is pretty cool. The officers are way harder to kill though than the original games. I really can't wait to start practicing the dance for Animazement more and I also can't wait to start working on cosplay too! Why do I have to have so much homework and why do I have to work when I don't have homework? -_- Oh well Spring Break is soon! Spring Break will be dedicated to preparing for the convention I think! I hope our dance and our costumes are amazing. :D I think they will be! I really hope my friends skits go well as well! I can't wait to see their skit and costume. As of now my costumes are Chiaki from the AAA song Dragon Fire (for the skit), Miaka priestess version (cause I've always wanted to do that cosplay), and Lei Fang from DoA the original red dress. DoA is going to be a group cosplay with Ashley and Khaki... maybe Michael I don't remember! It will be amazing! Speaking of cosplay and all that sort I'm really cutting back my food intake. Lol, that sounds weird. I'm eating smaller portions and generally less. I don't think it has done anything yet but hopefully soon we will see progress. I'm starting my diet way earlier this year for con because I started a few weeks before con last year and we saw how that worked out.... not so hot, I was looking quite the tubs monster! I want to have a "smokin' body"! Any diet tips? I have no time for excersizing (unless it is not lengthy) thanks to school and work so I'll just be dieting mainly! So far I've tried to take fiber daily but I forget some days, tried to eat less, and have been trying to knock out all fast food (except Wendy's salads :P). Hmmm, I think I've rambled on enough about nothing.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Searching For Anything

I seriously don't know what to post here ever. I guess I can talk about Dynasty Warriors 6 lol. Because that has been all I've done in my free time lately. I know some people like to say they are all the same but I don't care the games rock. Besides you can freakin swim now, you can swim!!! And climb ladders! They changed some of the characters weapons but I got used to it fast. Cept I miss Daio Chan's ball things (does anyone even know what those things were?). She has whips or something now, I think they are whips.

In other news.... Songs that should be in Rock Band:
Boston: Peace of Mind
Coheed and Cambria: A Favor House Atlantic
Coheed and Cambria: Junesong Provision
Coheed and Cambria: Delrious Trigger
Coheed and Cambria: every freakin' song lol
Led Zeppelin: everything or anything at this point they better get them in the game soon but specifically D'yer Mak'er and When the Levee Breaks
Fall Out Boy: something better than Dead on Arrival please
and probably plenty of other things I cannot think of right now....

I need to go to bed.... I better do that instead of making a Rock Band list.

This is a nifty bit of lyrics:
I wrote a goodbye note
In lipstick on your arm
When you passed out

Who can name it?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know what to do with this blog thing I think. Since LiveJournal is all set up with friends only posts and what not I can really write whatever I want but this blog is public so I can't throw out rants about anything. I'll probably just post stupid things about games or movies or whatever. I'll save the angry aspects in my life (unless it can be public ;P) for LJ cause LJ goes hand in hand with anger and drama!

So what can I say... I've been playing the heck out of Viva Pinata on Aaron's 360. He is excited cause I get him acheivements so he looks important on XBox Live. It's one of those mindless games where you start it at maybe 7pm and before you know it is like 2am. You make a freakin garden and attract different pinata animals to it. This game = awesome. Plus its all colorful.